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$275 - 15 MIN - 10 PHOTOS

NOV 11 2023
Studio Collab, Squamish BC

mini session booking
  • Who will do the shoot with us?
    For most photography sessions you will most likely work with Gabi. Huy is mostly video focused and working on behind the scenes. We are a team of two, which allows us to cover each other in cases of need.
  • What does the session look like?
    We will meet at the place we agreed on and will walk to and around the location to get plenty of different shots. You can expect a laid back session with lots of cuddles and smiles. We will guide you and give hints what to do, but the best photos usually happen when you forget about being photographed and let your personality shine. Our main goal is to make you feel comfortable in order to capture the candid moments.
  • What time of the day is best for the shoot?
    We definitely love sunset/sunrise scenario, but it’s not always the possible case and the timing change throughout the year. That mentioned, we try to be flexible enough to cover other options and meet your needs
  • How do I book a session?
    If you feel ready to book a session or just want to ask a question, please use the contact form to get in touch. We will discuss all details from there. Please make sure your email is correct and if you don’t hear from us within a few days, check your spam folder.
  • Does the shoot always happen outdoor?
    Totally NOT. As much as we love doing sessions in the woods, high grass field or meadows, we DO LOVE in-home sessions, too. Your home is a very important part of you and it is so special to capture the memories from the place they mostly happen. It is also a safe bet in case of bad weather.
  • What happens if it's raining on our outdoor session?
    When it comes to worst case scenario and you are not comfortable to have the session in the rain/snow we can reschedule your session to the closest possible date.There is always the option to do in home session instead, if you would like to. But when it comes to us, we are happy to shoot in rainy/snowy conditions.
  • What should we wear?
    Having your photos done is about the connection between you and your loved ones and choosing the right clothes helps to make your photos look even better. Once you have your session booked, we will send you a simple style guide. We do have a few pieces for the little ones in a client closet so don’t hesitate to ask about that.
  • What if my kids are not into it?
    We worked with babies, toddlers, older kiddos of all different ages and have two kids ourself. We give you enough time so you can cheer them up as well as we are there to help.
  • What happens after the shoot?
    You will receive your full online gallery within 2 weeks after the shoot unless otherwise specified.
  • What areas do you cover?
    We are based in Squamish, BC and we are able to travel within the Sea to Sky and Vancouver area if possible for an extra fee. We are absolutely happy to discuss any destination weddings.
  • Can we combine a photo and video session in one?
    YES! We are offering video as an upgrade to the photo sessions! This means that not only can you have stunning photos of your family, but also a beautiful video to capture those special moments in motion. Please enquire for more details and pricing.
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