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and we love documenting life.


This is us. Gabi and Huy (+ Benji and Willow).

We live in rainy town of Squamish, BC. Surrounded by snowy top mountains, aromatic lush rainforests, windy sound of Pacific ocean and very often moody clouds that shower our heads. 

We were born and raised in Czech Republic. We spent a lot of time traveling and tried living in Ireland, Malta and New Zealand before we moved to Canada in 2018. 

Gabi was drawn to photography ever since she remembers thanks to her dad documenting all special and also the not so special moments of life and so she never forgot to take a camera anywhere with her.

Huy on the other hand started to dive into photography as we started traveling and he ended up falling in love with capturing short films.

The most important role in our life is without a doubt being parents. Parenthood changed us. Is changing us. And it is bringing out the inner child from within our hearts. It sparks all the forgotten memories and with memories comes the desire to look back. To see it all again. We are lucky our families captured many moments of our childhoods and we cherish every single photo we have that can take us back even if only for a brief moment. That brief moment is why we do what we do. Because those brief moments always make us smile and bring nostalgic emotions. Knowing our work can bring the same feelings to you is the best reward.

Having children of our own brought even more sense to what we do. We fell even deeper in love with photography and videography by capturing the purest essence of human life. Connection between parents and their babies and kids is so beautifully raw. It is just another level of love and we are so grateful for every family that let us see it all - the lovely moments of hugs and kisses, toddlerhood tantrums, peacefulness of skin on skin breastfeeding, wilderness of a teenager and everything in between. 

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