We are Gabi and Huy and we work together as a well-coordinated photo + video team. It is our passion to capture weddings and your love stories and all the other no less important moments of your lives such as pregnancy, the first moment with your baby or just family time together. Our goal is to make memories of your wedding or any other day you choose to capture unforgettable. We believe that only real, pure and natural moments that reflect your personality can tell a true story about you so we try to capture just such moments and avoid unnatural, forced posing.


Because we work as a team, we prefer complete photo + video bookings. We will spare you the worries of coordinating the photographer and cameraman and we'll take care your day is running smooth and well. However, if you are only interested in a photo or video, we will be happy to accommodate you.


We both come from České Budějovice, but we have spent the last 6 years living abroad. From Ireland, through Malta and New Zealand, it took us to the little Canadian town of Squamish, where we are currently preparing for the arrival of a new member of our family and where we are making plans to return and settle back home, in České Budějovice. So if you are in the Vancouver and Sea to Sky area and want to have some unforgettable memories, contact us before we're gone.  (We are accepting reservations for photography in the Czech Republic and Europe from March 2021 on.)

We believe in magic.

Because love is truly a magical experience.


Gabi and Huy


Squamish, BC, Canada

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